Nothing says HOME like the smell of baking!

Nothing says HOME like the smell of baking!

Today we gave our baking a little tropical twist and tried out a healthy and moist mango cake using our carbon steel spring form pan with ceramic coating (PH-15436). First thing that we love about this spring form set is that there are 3 different sizes to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to have a form ready for every occasion. No room to store all three forms? Don't worry, they will not consume any more space than having only one, because they conveniently fit into each other! The forms have side locks which ensure the safe closure and the waffle bottom inside makes it easy to release the cake onto a plate. Plus, we love the vibrant new color of these forms, who says bake ware has to be boring?

For more experienced bakers it is a known fact that transferring the cake onto a plate is sometimes even more difficult than baking itself! Our spring forms have waffle bottoms to give it strength (for heavier cakes like cheesecake) and it ensures even heat distribution. The ceramic coating has superior scratch resistance and is free of PFOA and PTFE! So you can be sure that the cake looks as good on a serving plate as it does in a spring form! All it takes is a little practice and a right equipment!

Our tropical mango cake is a heavenly delight to anyone with a sweet tooth! We used 26cm sized spring form and we must say it came out perfect! We used fresh pureed mangos, the crust was made of whole wheat crumbs and we topped it with nutritious roasted pistachios! Most importantly, it did not stick! The pan was almost as clean after transferring the cake as before. This is the outcome that we all wait for when baking a cake. And of course, not to forget, the taste was heavenly!

Baking does not have to mean you compromise your diet. We believe that eating the right things prepared in the right cookware is what makes a healthy , balanced lifestyle! Using Peterhof cookware you can be sure to enjoy the goodness of the food without any harmful chemicals! Try it out for yourself and experiment with different recipes, as these spring forms help you to bring out the Martha Stewart in you!

Cleaning tip: Our spring forms are dishwasher safe! However, gentle hand wash with warm water and soap will work too. Dry thoroughly after washing!

FunFact: One of the most famous cakes in the world dates back to 1832, when the "Sachertorte" was invented! Where? Of course in Vienna, where also Peterhof was founded!